oCERT-2015-009 VLC arbitrary pointer dereference


The VLC media player is an open source media player and streaming media server.

The stable VLC version suffers from an arbitrary pointer dereference vulnerability.

The vulnerability affects the 3GP file format parser, insufficient restrictions on a writable buffer can be exploited to execute arbitrary code via the heap memory. A specific 3GP file can be crafted to trigger the vulnerability.

Affected version:

VLC <= 2.2.1

Fixed version:

VLC, N/A (see References for patch committed to 2.2.2 branch)

Credit: vulnerability reported by Loren Maggiore of Trail of Bits.

CVE: CVE-2015-5949


2015-07-28: vulnerability report received
2015-07-29: contacted VLC security maintainer
2015-08-03: maintainer commits fix to stable branch
2015-08-06: assigned CVE
2015-08-17: contacted affected vendors
2015-08-20: advisory release