oCERT-2014-003 LibYAML input sanitization errors


The LibYAML project is an open source YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C.

The library is affected by a heap-based buffer overflow which can lead to arbitrary code execution. The vulnerability is caused by lack of proper expansion for the string passed to the yaml_parser_scan_uri_escapes() function.

A specially crafted YAML file, with a long sequence of percent-encoded characters in a URL, can be used to trigger the overflow.

Affected version:

LibYAML <= 0.1.5

Fixed version:

LibYAML >= 0.1.6

Credit: vulnerability report received from Ivan Fratric of the Google Security Team.

CVE: CVE-2014-2525


2014-03-11: vulnerability report received
2014-03-14: maintainer provides patch for review
2014-03-17: reporter confirms patch
2014-03-17: disclosure coordinated on 2014-03-26
2014-03-18: contacted affected vendors
2014-03-18: assigned CVE
2014-03-26: LibYAML 0.1.6 released
2014-03-26: advisory release