oCERT-2013-001 File Roller path sanitization errors


The File Roller archive manager for the GNOME desktop suffers from a path traversal vulnerability caused by insufficient path sanitization.

A specially crafted archive file can be used to trigger creation of arbitrary files in any location, writable by the user executing the extraction, outside the current working directory. This behaviour is triggered when the option 'Keep directory structure' is selected from the application 'Extract' dialog.

The issue is present on File Roller installations which have been compiled with libarchive support, used to handle tar, cpio, lha, 7zip, ar archiving formats and ISO images. The libarchive support is enabled by default.

Affected version:

File Roller >= 3.6.0, >= 3.8.0, >= 3.9.1

Fixed version:

File Roller >= 3.6.4, >= 3.8.3, >= 3.9.3

Credit: vulnerability report received from Yorick Koster <yorick.koster AT securify.nl>.

CVE: CVE-2013-4668


2013-05-16: vulnerability report received
2013-05-20: contacted File Roller maintainer
2013-05-27: maintainer provides patch for review
2013-05-28: reporter confirms patch effectiveness
2013-06-11: oCERT confirms patch effectiveness
2013-06-17: File Roller 3.9.3 released
2013-07-02: File Roller 3.6.4, 3.8.3 released
2013-07-04: contacted affected vendors
2013-07-04: assigned CVE
2013-07-08: advisory release